Our sparring classes are open to all students, but instructors may exercise discretion in advising against participation on a day. Note, we do not teach techniques during this class. Students go through a proper warm-up routine, before slowly working into medium and high-speed sparring (Striking, takedowns, and grappling). Students without a fair understanding of at least one range of combat (Striking, Wrestling, or Grappling) may be discouraged from participation.
You must have a martial art to mix! We have a great safety record in our classes, and that is due to having responsible instructors but also responsible students. It would not be responsible for a beginner to volunteer to spar a professional fighter, and just assuming that you’ll “be ok”. Nor should any pro’s be picking on beginner students, asking them to spar and then knocking their heads around! Do your part, be honest, and come to gain some high-speed experience.